Ever since the first version of BRidgeBRowser, we puzzled over how to pull up specific shapes. The biggest problem is that the board file is independent (and much much smaller) than the file containing the plays. Of course this is a huge advantage, since there is less work to do, but requires a rather different approach to searching, where the board characteristics are retrieved *before* the players, scores, date, contract or any feature of the play record.

When it was discovered that, unlike the player index which takes (literally!) days to generate, a board shape index can be produced in about 15 seconds for the several hundred thousand boards in the main database, a whole new aspect of BRidgeBRowser came suddenly to life.

Rather than repeat wholesale the description in the help file which is available here on the Web site, here is the result of the search. To simplify things, only one play for each such board was pulled out, so the scores are all tops or bottoms. However just for fun, the hands were retrieved looking at the highest point count first (red term).

Interestingly, there are not very many such hands (only 119 out of 300,000). This search took about 2 minutes.

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