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BRidgeBRowser's early experience users confirm that this program is unparalleled in its facilities. Confirmed by rave reviews in Bridge World and ACBL Bulletin!

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26-Jan-2005    BBO to 31/12/04,OKBridge 2004a/b

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23-Apr-2004 BRBR Online available. Click here

26-Jun-2003 GIBBRowser released. In response to many requests,  we have worked with GIB and its author to bring you the bridge-playing product of the millennium.

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1-Jan-2003 2002b available, new 2.20A browser

1-Aug-2002 okb/2002a, BBO, V2.1 released

1-Feb-2002 NEW Version 2.00 of BRBR is announced

15-Jun-2001 Version 1.10 released, 3 more disks issued

3-Mar-2001 BRidgeBRowser 1.00 announced

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Stig Holmquist: Opening hand evaluation

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