The Purple Precision Card (PPC) is an attempt to make a usable version of Precision. Perhaps we might post the system notes too with a little encouragement.

In designing it, the following principles were assumed to be of paramount importance:

1. No bid should be needlessly complicated (no transfers whose *only* purpose was to right-side a contract)
2. The full power of precision asking bids should be available after strong 1C openings, regardless of opponents' interference actions; the scheme employed over interference  should be as simple as possible.
3. 1NT should have its upper range the same as the lower range of the SAYC 1NT, ie 15 points, thereby ensuring that we are playing in the same field as those who gain the most advantage from that 15-17 point opening. Of course when we have 16+ we can open 1C. This causes us to stretch the range of 1NT (PPC) by a full point, i.e. 12-15.

We don't think that these carding methods are necessarily worthy to become a standard. However they are included for completeness. Email us for further details on any of this.

With all these attributes, we can but hope that the Precision Purple Card can become a worthy alternative to the Standard American Yellow Card.

It has been noted that an Acol or other European player playing the PPC is apt to interpret many "standard" sequences quite differently from the average North American player - consequently, it is almost inevitable that the card comes in 2 styles, Acol-based and SA-based. However, so much of this is in the whole ethos of bidding that it is not worthwhile to try and differentiate in this document. Players are *warned* that the "cultural difference" between the two styles may be of great significance, and to discuss some "standard" (ie not specifically defined by precision) sequences with their prospective partner.

We have excerpted some system sequences into HTML - these have been available at this site for some time now at at this link.

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