BRidgeBRowser Order Form

This form allows you to order BRidgeBRowser directly from us. You may fill it out, and then do one of the following:

1. Press the Submit button
2. Print out the form and fax it to us (see below)
3. Print out the form and mail it to us
4. Print out the form and e-mail it to us

Please be sure to specify the exact description of the CDs you are ordering from the price list.


Sales tax for BC Residents 7%

GST for Canadian Residents 7%

Shipping and Handling


Please provide the following ordering information:

Credit Card
Cardholder Name
Card Number
Expires (MM) (YYYY)

Email Address
OKB Login (if known)
Phone number

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal Code
                  Additional comments:

Each disk has the following on it:

- Hand records for the period and event in question
- Software (with) database support files, and extensive graphical help files.
- Automatic installation program.

If you don't feel comfortable (and we wouldn't!) sending your full Credit Card details using this form, please print it out and Fax it to us.  Maybe better still is to submit it with everything EXCEPT the last four digits of the Credit Card, and we will get the last 4 digits of the credit card from you directly. An email is OK for the latter purpose, as it is unlikely anyone could piece the number together.

For your convenience our contact numbers are:
Fax: (604) 874-7326
Voice: (604) 874-7327

Finally if you wish to pay by other means, please note the following:
- We accept banker's drafts drawn on a US Bank
- We accept money orders in US Dollars
- We do NOT accept US Postal orders (they cannot be cashed outside USA)
- Personal checks from the USA take 30 days to clear the bank.
- Canadian residents please add 20% to the stated US Dollar amounts and send payment in Canadian Dollars, plus appropriate taxes. (Canadian cheques generally clear in about 5 business days).

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