When we built BRidgeBRowser, one of our first concerns was to be able to look up the hands of a single player. To get your own hands, for example, first click on the tab marked "Players" in the main screen of the application.

You see this:

Each one of the fields (10 in all) on the left is a drop-down box enabling you to specify the name you are looking for, both of the player and optionally partner and opponents. As well you can leave all the names blank (well, * to denote wild-card) in which case you get records for all players. This is still a selective search of sorts since the lower boxes now allow you to choose players by ratings only. Note: the "rating style" allows you to choose the kind of ratings you want.

Lets see what happens when we search Benito Garozzo's records for opponents of 55+

This screen always cumulates boards and averages for the player or players of interest whenever any search is running.

You can certainly look at the individual hands. Double-click the row of interest, or right click for a menu. However perhaps more interesting is the Partner Scan (see that "PardScan" button?)

Without going into minute detail, here are the results:

Each row (I did his opponents, since he mainly plays with only 2 or 3 partners) represents one opponent. So you can see how he did against any particular opponent, and sort the table by averages, ratings of the players, or any other column (eg number of boards at IMPs).

You can look up each of these players by double-clicking their row.

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