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BRidgeBRowser and GIBBrowser are by Stephen Pickett of REC Software Inc.

Ten reasons to get GIBBRowser:
1. See how GIB measures up against
a real (50-table) field. Instead of competing mainly against other
computers, or comparing itself with world-championship level play with only one comparison table.

2. Improve your game. Play in the same field as Garozzo, Levin, and many international experts.

3. Practise different bidding styles and systems (Std, 2/1, Acol, K-S etc). Configure your own.

4. Practise against commonly (and less commonly) encountered systems

5. Try different leads against the same contract, and explore double dummy positions.

6. Pull hands of a certain type, and practise handling unusual situations away from tournament pressure

7. The only computer bridge program (as far as we know) to allow UNDO from play back into auction

8. The only commonly available program to run in 640x480 Windows, very handy for laptops.

9. Output to common formats, including PBN, of an entire traveller.

10. Full review of your play (direct log included) saved for later study and analysis.

The marriage: GIB and BRidgeBRowser, the best computer bridge player and the largest collection of bridge data ever.

The offspring: GIBBRowser

Hybrid vigour: the strength of university-based Artificial Intelligence(AI)
research, the flexibility of good, user-friendly Windows code.

Lifetime: at 500,000 deals and counting, this baby will outlive us all

Awards: rave reviews in ACBL Bulletin (Tim Bourke) and Bridge World (Larry Cohen), nominated Bridge Software of the Year (ABTA).

Here's the configuration screen for the GIB engine. Notice some of the features:

- Choice of carding convention (most common leads, some 30 in all, enumerated) for both you and opps.

- Some **SEVENTY** bidding conventions for both you and opps including some unusual treatments.

- **SIX** Standard bidding systems as well as the system used by GIB in competition, M.O.S.C.I.T.O.

- GIBBrowser switches effortlessly when you change your seat, too. Several conventions that are not available in the standard version of GIB.

- GIB's switches for par contests and competition bidding, mostly affecting thinking time (T).