Very soon after the first alpha test of Version 1 was shipped, Carl Hudecek asked the question "How can I isolate 10,000 2NT contracts?". Like many experts, Carl had a pretty good idea that 2NT is almost never a winning contract (along with 4C, 4D and a few others). The idea was to be able to cumulate statistics, relative to the declarer of that contract, on what the expectation of playing there might be.

Initially there were many doubters. But the point is that noone ever had such data before. One only had the scores for an individual, or the simulated hands (no play records) generated according to some criteria by computer software using a dealer.

Anyway, it's simple enough to do. Go to the contract screen and set only 2NT. Check the "Enable as auxiliary term" check box, and then switch back to the "Date and scoring" tab. Set the starting and ending dates, and then press search.

Here is a peek at what you may get (I picked a single month, January 2000):

Just for fun, I put the redoubled contracts first.....

You will notice that the amount of data is awesome. From a single month, we scanned over half a million play records, giving some 17,000 2NT contracts.That's a pretty significant sample.

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